lower case secrets
if you are looking for astor laced
How have you been, haven't seen you around these parts as of late?

i got a job where i work 9-6 and it’s for an it firm, so i know they’re watching and um…i have a lot of porn on this blog. also my relationship ended and since the ex-boyfriend knows about this tumblr, i’ve been keeping fairly quiet.

as for my life, i’ve been working, going on dates, seeing a lot of shows, going to a lot of parties and drinking. it’s a life.

OKAY, EVERYBODY. We’re making a census for Potter heads on Tumblr. We’re going to try to count exactly how many Potter heads are on Tumblr for 2011. All you have to do is RE-BLOG THIS if you are a Potter head.

pride for maryland so hard right now.


pride for maryland so hard right now.

can someone explain to me why top super roll was invented?

did some ludicrus excuse for a human being really say “let’s make a tobacco that is essentially kindling. i want to smoke a 30-second cigarette.”

jesus. bodegas stop carrying it please, i beg you. it’s not real!

two things that shouldn’t be related but are

1. job interviews
2. first dates

sidebar: i have become incredibly good at both.

my weed should have been here by now

come on people, i have a lease to sign!

eta: in new york, everything gets delivered. including your marijuana.

i am so ungodly lonely

oh my god. every night.

i can’t pack any more

i found a perfectly good clonazepam behind the couch when i was cleaning. down the hatch and no more packing for little old me.